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XKCD: ChessCoaster???

2008-01-16 17:43:04 by Dazkilla

Hmm... Well I formally invite all persons of interest to partake in.... CHESSCOASTERING!!!
If you do this, have heard of this, or plan to do this. Leave a comment. The Picture should be self-explanitory.

XKCD: ChessCoaster???


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2008-01-17 17:45:09

LOL. Playing chess. Hilarious.


2008-02-15 22:45:35

lol, this is so silly, and WOW you speak a lot of languages, and I am also Canadian, nice to see one of my people on here! (anime rules, also, my favourite anime character is Chad from Blaech, he's so hardcore) where is markham anyways, I was born and raised in St. Catharines ON, it's just south of lake Ontario right now I'm watching anime actually, sorry, I'm very random... Anyways, rock on in the best country in the world my friend!